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Kunz-Mahl Catering in Köln für gelungene Feste

Fine Dining Catering Cologne - Dusseldorf -Bonn

We are the fine dining catering company for Cologne (“Köln”), Dusseldorf (“Düsseldorf”) and the surrounding areas.We offer gourmet catering and we are one of the best catering services in Cologne. We are not the largest catering company here - we do not prepare 3000 meals a day for students and pupils. We specialized in catering for discerning costumers, since 1995.

We also provide catering at trade fairs especially in Cologne and Dusseldorf.

Nonetheless, catering for regular events remains our core business. So we need to satisfy our regular customers every day with high quality products. And occasional costumers like exhibitors should become regular costumers which order KUNZ-MAHL Catering every year. And so they do.

In any event, Kunz-Mahl Catering stands for extraordinary catering. We do not serve the average “snack” like rolls with ham and cheese or meatballs, which many people associate with the traditional catering service.

Since the needs of the great number of exhibitors at the trade fairs are so vastly different, there is an equally vast variety of catering services to cater for those needs.

Kunz-Mahl positioned itself as the caterer of high-quality food that stand out from the mass and that is tailored to meet the needs of the clients. We do not compete through the price but through quality and originality; thus we are not the right catering service for those clients who are looking for a regular pasta salad to motivate their employees.

We are the right catering service for every exhibitor who seeks to provide their employees in the showroom with delicious, extraordinary food. We are the right caterer for those who want to make a good impression to their business associates by means of very delicious and special food and matching their own great products.

Through long experience we have skills in the following areas and the respective requirements.

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Prosciutto di Parma on Radicchio and bread
Parma Ham on red salad
Ratatouille with chicken breast
Pasta Salad our Style