Klassiker im Fingerfood: Crêpes mit Wildlachs
Kunz-Mahl Catering in Köln für gelungene Feste

Range of our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in connection with our trade fair catering; nonetheless our core area of excellence is fine food. So, it is no problem if you decide to supply your own drinks, dishes, silverware or even your own service team. There are many companies who specialize on renting out equipment, thus they are able to provide a larger variety of plates and silverware and are usually also cheaper; Kunz-Mahl in turn specialized on the supply of food and consequently is better at this.

Nonetheless, if you as the client desire coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine or sparkling wine we do our best and will provide your trade fair showroom with whatever you need; we have an original, Italian Espresso-machine or we can set up a cocktail bar for you. Due to our long experience in this field, we can also work with beverage or dish suppliers on your request.

We pay and treat our employees decently. Consequently, we have a large pool of experienced and well trained service-employees. No matter how stressful it may get, especially if the time-schedule is tight our employees remain calm and friendly and provide the best service possible for our clients.

Trade fair catering specialised in fine dining food

Our speciality is fine dining food. We offer everything from extraordinary, creative finger food to multiple-course menus that we can either deliver to your trade fair showroom or prepare for you on site at the trade fair stand.

Generally, we recommend cold dishes especially if it is not possible to prepare the warm dishes on the booth. There are only a few warm dishes where quality, appearance and taste do not suffer from keeping them warm over long periods of time. Still, due to our experience, we know several of those dishes and are more than glad to suggest them to you.

One of the main problems with hot dishes lingers on: hot dishes usually smell more intensely which can be rather undesirable for trade fair purposes.

Our food

If you as our client desire a traditional German dish, we are also the right caterer for you. But what exactly is “traditional German food”? As a matter of fact, all dishes were once imported by our ancestors; as such each national cuisine has evolved: 400 years ago potatoes, the now most prominent German food, as well as tomatoes were unknown in Germany.

Thus, we continuously take into account new international inspirations in order to provide our clients with fabulous, creative food. At present, the Mediterranean cuisine is very dominant. Further there is a growing demand for healthy while tasteful and balanced nutrition.

Thus, we use a lot of fresh vegetables, lean meat such as poultry and beef as well as fish and other seafood. While pork is generally losing its prominence even with our German clients, our traditional Italian Parma ham or Salami is still one of our bestsellers.

Nonetheless, there is no problem preparing dishes tailored to the needs of our international and national clients: For religious or just culinary reasons we can easily avoid the use of pork products while still offering a large variety of creative dishes. Do not hesitate to contact us and talk to us about the opportunities you have. There is no need for any exhibitor to feel in an uncomfortable situation for having inappropriate food for his business friends.

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